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Learner driving guide oxford

Welcome to SDA for Learning Driving specifically in Oxford, Cowley, Headington, Marston, Kidlington and surrounding Areas of Oxfordshire. To make you aware of safety and road rules, we offer you a leading support for start and general moving off and stopping. At an early stage, this will be very difficult but we will select a safe and quiet place for your convenience. Explanation will be given on using the clutch control. Learner driving course with SDA will make every student a complete confident driving on road and learner course price are very reasonable as we do look forward for a safe and confident driving rather than business.

POM (Prepare, Observe, Move) routine for moving:-

Prepare = Slowly release the clutch pedal until you hear engine noise and hold clutch at steady position

Observe = Observe (Check, which is a 360° observation which starts from the left shoulder, use of mirrors and finishes with looking over your right shoulder to check the blind spot).

Move = Move off if safe.

MSM (Mirrors, Signal, Maneuver) routine for stopping:-

Mirrors = Check centre and left door mirror to check for vehicles behind.

Signal = Signal left and in good time.

Maneuver = Stop at a Safe, Convenient and Legal Place.

Use always MSM and MSPSL routine for these types of Junctions
  • Crossroads
  • T-Junctions
  • Y-Junctions
  • Roundabouts
  • Staggered Junctions

There are some areas which are quite good for T-junctions and crossroads in Oxford specifically in Headington, Wood Farm, Marston, Northway, Cowely, Blackbird Leys, Florence Park and surrounding locations in oxford.

The practical test driving will be approximately 10 minutes of independent driving and test the following:
  • A series of directions
  • Traffic signs
  • A combination of both
Here are some of the independent route driver where your examiner may used the sat nav directions you for test:
  • The examiner can you sat nav from Headington to A4142 Ring Road or Cowley Business Park.
  • From JR Hospital or Marston to to A4074 Ring Road or Cowley Business Park.
  • from headington to london than wealthy
  • From Cowley the examiner can ask you to follow the sign to Watlington then Reading or can be use Sat Nav to from test center to A4074.
  • From Cowley the examiner can ask you to follow the sign to Newbury then Reading or can be use Sat Nav to from test center to Newbury to Roshill.
  • From Rose Hill you will be asked to follow the sign/Sat Nav to A4074 or Reading to Henley.
  • From Donnington Bridge Road you may need to follow the sign/Sat Nav Ring road London than cowley .
On Day of Driving Test

Be prepared and expect these during practical driving test

There are 5 parts to the driving test:

1: An eyesight check 2:‘Show me and tell me’ vehicle safety questions 3: General driving ability 4: Reversing your vehicle 5: Independent driving

Preparation before driving test like a mock session with the expert driving instructor to point out the faults will be helpful. Otherwise there are no minimum hours of driving required to attain the license. The documents like theory test pass certificate, the photo ID card and must be carried while going for the test as a mandatory. Your eye sight will be checked by asking you to read the number plate at a distance of 20metres made1. The examiner will ask you some “show me and tell me” questions and we advise you learn these Q/A. The examiner will require that you show a great knowledge of other road users’ safety. The driving test will last for approximately 35 to 40 minutes in normal conditions. You will also be directed to demonstrate an emergency stopping session and when you pass, your marks will be 15 with no major faults. Driver instructor course will have a detailed guide to instruct the students, so you can rely on the instructor of SDA to get a license. There will be an independent driving section which will be approximately 20 minutes and you must follow traffic signs; a series of directions/Sat Nav or a combination of both.

Here are tips for passing the practical driving test
  • Have a mock test with driving instructor.
  • Dress comfortably and reach on venue before 15 minutes at least.
  • Learn and understand “Show me Tell me” questions.
  • Always Use Mirror Signal Maneuver (MSM) or MSPSL at:
    • Junctions from minor to major or major to minor and those leading onto high speed roads
    • Crossroads and possible one way systems
    • Roundabouts including multiple lane and mini roundabouts
  • Perfect your Reverse Manoeuvre
    • Scalp Safe Convenient and Legal Place.
    • Pull up on the right and reverse for about two car lengths distance.
    • Bay Parking
    • Parallel Parking
    • Forward to bay parking
  • Be positive
  • Get to know likely test routes
  • Get to know the vehicle
  • Do not panic
  • Eat and drink before your test


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