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Frequently Asked Questions about Driving Schools
Q: Can I book a driving test before passing my theory test?

A: No, you must pass the theory test first before booking a driving test

Q: Can I book multiple driving tests in case I fail the first one?

A: No, according to the DVSA, you are only allowed to book one test at a time.

Q: Do I have to pass both parts of the theory test at the same time?

A: Yes, if you fail one part of the test, you must retake both parts.

Q: Does the DVSA have quotas for passing driving tests?

A: The DVSA states that they do not have quotas, but they do have statistics.

Q: Why should I choose SDA Driving School in Oxford for my intensive and other driving courses?

A: Our instructors are fully qualified and teach to a high standard in areas that are best suited for you. We also teach in test center areas and have a good knowledge of the test routes. This ensures that you are well prepared for your test.

Q: Are intensive driving courses as effective as driving schools claim?

A: Intensive driving courses may not be the best choice for everyone. It is important to carefully consider your options before committing to a course.

Q: If I fail my driving test, can I take another one straight away?

A: You can book another driving test immediately, but there will typically be a few weeks' gap before the next test date.

Q: Are SDA driving instructors fully qualified?

A: Yes, all of our instructors are fully DVSA qualified. We do not use trainee instructors.

Q: How many hours of driving instruction do I need before taking the test?

A: The number of hours required varies from person to person, but the DVSA recommends a minimum of 45 hours of professional instruction and 22 hours of practice with a qualified supervisor.

Q: Can I choose my own driving instructor?

A: Yes, you can choose your own driving instructor. It is important to find an instructor that you feel comfortable with and who has a teaching style that works for you.

Q: Will I be able to take my driving test in the car I learned to drive in?

A: It depends on the driving school. Some schools may allow you to take your test in the car you learned to drive in, while others may require you to take the test in a school-owned car.

Q: Are there any discounts available for block bookings or multiple lessons?

A: SDA driving schools offer discounts for block bookings or multiple lessons. It's worth checking with the school to see what discounts are available.

Q: Can I cancel or reschedule my driving lesson?

A:In the upcoming summer, the UK's driving test rules will undergo significant changes. Rebooking waiting time will be extended to 28 days from the current 10, discouraging premature retests. Cancellation notice period will increase to 10 working days to reduce wasted slots. The goal is to free up more test appointments and shorten waiting times, which currently extend up to 24 weeks. Instructors will have more flexibility in eyesight checks, and learners will receive better information about instructors' success rates. Additionally, pass certificates will be issued digitally. The changes follow a public consultation in 2022, and the government will notify learners and instructors of the finalized date this summer.

Q: What is the purpose of having body cameras for driving examiner?

A: The primary purpose of having body cameras is to ensure the safety of examiners during tests and to have a record in case of any abusive incident.